Luxury storage

Storage Design – Style, fitted.

When you set about designing a piece of freestanding furniture, you are presented with few limitations. You can set about combining all sorts of weird and wonderful lines, colours and features. However, when presented with a space in which to fit a piece of designer storage furniture, more issues arise. The market for lovely old characterful but modernised buildings has produced some wonderful property and interiors. It has been my pleasure to work on many such homes.

Anybody can buy a sheet of MDF and cut it into the shape of a wardrobe that fits into a room. Finding the right combination of style and efficiency to not just add storage, and therefore better living, but also add character to a room, is an art. Eclectic is one thing but in my eyes your furniture needs to share a common theme, regardless of which century you dragged the design from. This theme needs to originate from the home. Find the homes finest, boldest and most delightful features and highlight them. Either by matching materials, using complimenting colour schemes or simply using a statement piece of furniture to draw the eye to it.

Here at Studio Locus we love challenges of all shapes and sizes. With a wealth of knowledge and endless enthusiasm we create beautiful furniture, fitted or freestanding.

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