Ply and White Wardrobes


Recommended by previous clients, we worked closely with this Sussex based couple to create an updated, more effective bedroom wardrobe solution. Space previously occupied by a freestanding wardrobe, now given to a local charitable cause, has been revamped to give Mr and Mrs P more storage, more space to walk in and a more open and bright bedroom interior. This design nods at the character of this beautiful cottage with its pine features, while leading the way into a more modern look with its large white doors and sleek framing. In case you’d forgotten our mantra “Your home. Your rules.” our clients had a loving message painted on their wall from when they first moved in, which they would have loved to have as a part of their life. Of course we obliged.

Fitted with soft closing hinges and built with the care and solidity of local skill. These lovely people have invested in forever furniture and will reap the benefits for many years to come.

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