The ‘Glyde’ Innovation: Proactivity in the Industry


Furniture can be monotonous at times. Often innovation in the industry is small and is reactive to changes in trends. Most recent innovations have been inspired by art and the skill of pleasing the eye. This is not only important but essential to anybody attempting to design a desirable piece. However innovations in functionality are scarce. The reasons for this are phrases such as “there are no new ideas under the sun” and “you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” Poison to the evolution of furniture design in my opinion. By all means build a chair that looks spine tinglingly beautiful but would reduce to rubble should somebody actually sit on it. These pieces of beautiful art are excellent for inspiring and showing off, but have no application in the real world Our aim, applicable, non-discriminatory innovation that heightens quality of life for the many.

The problem 

Space. One of the most important rooms in the room, one which we spend a huge portion of our time in and perform many tasks in. Especially when the house or flat is designed for the rental market, the kitchen is small. With the growing open plan trend in property development excessive furnishing is to be avoided, leaving the tenant with a large spacious living quarter which lacks functionality. Minimal surfaces and storage but lovely open feel. How about both? That was our mission. How can we give extra functionality to mid sized kitchens without impeding on the open plan like a fixed kitchen island or breakfast bar would?

The Glyde Innovation 

Our Glyde concept of a robust, functional, beautiful table that can be manoeuvred with ease. The current options in the market are a big heavy table that is robust and can store plenty, but needs a team of removals men to move a centimetre in any direction, or a small unit that you can slide gracefully across the floor, but falls apart at the suggestion of carrying a cake mixer. We designed our system to allow a solid wood, hand built and sturdy table move with ease. You can slide our Glyde tables effortlessly onto a wheel base where it will float seamlessly. When in position, you can slide the frame back onto the stable support of the 4 solid oak legs. Utility, design and quality all rolled into one.

The Glyde range is available now online with more designs to come.

We build all our furniture to order, by hand, in Sussex.

Bespoke alterations to materials, sizes and even design are warmly welcomed, simply fill out our order form to get started.