3 Egg Hunt Tips and Tricks for Hiders and Seekers

The egg hunt arena waits, the seekers bouncing with anticipation, the hiders restlessly trying to outsmart their hungry competitors. But how do you get the upper hand. How do seekers get their choclately treats faster and how do the hiders get a few more minutes of peace the glory?

For the seekers 

  • Think like a hider. Your eggs are probably hidden in your hiders favourite places.
  • Lie on the floor and scan the ground. This way you can see under all furniture for irregularities.
  • If you have a pet, use their nose. Dogs especially have a great nose for chocolate, harness this power.

For the hiders 

  • Under furniture is a classic, but they will expect it. Try using sticky tape to hide the chocolate on the underside of table tops.
  • Consider the eye line of a seeker, very used to looking up at the world, keep it low and around corners.
  • Blind panic can cause rushed and often unfinished scanning. Use towels and clothes to hide the treats.

Let the games begin